I started photographing Action Photography about 3 years ago and fell totally in love with it . The rush I get seeing life's events unfold is my "Passion". What I try and accomplish is to photograph
your "Passion". When you combine the two together you can get some really good moments.

If you need a photographer that is not afraid of taking on just about any type of action, whether it be photographing the IWFL World Championships in Sweden, Seattle Majestics, Seattle 's Seafair with the Blue Angels, special events and productions, standing in the middle of an Arena with Stallions , Senior Photos,Family Portraits etc. etc. quality gear is vital.

This is why I use the very best Canon Cameras and Lens. These special moments require the best available. For most of my low-light events I will use a Canon Mark4 and a Canon 200mm 1.8. among others. It takes the right equipment, timing , subject and yes a little luck, but what you can get are one of a kind photos .

Please contact me when you feel its time for me to capture your special moment, event or passion